A pearl necklace meaning as a gift, what does it mean?


pearl necklace meaning
pearl necklace meaning
pearl necklace meaning

People have always felt the need to literally adorn themselves with exquisite pieces of jewelry such as pearl necklace meaning. A short walk through the history of jewelry gives a small impression of the creative art of bygone times. Goldsmiths and other jewelry manufacturers have always been artists of their time. Even in ancient times, they were able to produce filigree treasures of the highest quality.

Charming and unique pearl necklaces have a very special place among the pieces of jewelry. You can’t resist the soft shimmer and the special character of these little treasures.

How does the unique shine of pearl necklaces come about?

Pearls even have their own color dedicated to them. The mother-of-pearl shimmer cannot be compared to any other color. Mother-of-pearl as a color has its own allure. The structure of pearls is created in such a way that the light breaks and is reflected on it in a very special way. The white light is removed from the light spectrum and the pearl shimmers in the most beautiful colors.

The color of the pearls owes its name to this magical effect. Mother-of-pearl means “mother of all pearls” or “shell containing a pearl”. It was and still is something special when a shell releases its pearl.

Its special feature makes the pearl necklace a very special piece of jewelry. Their reputation ranges from elegant to wick. The fact is: a string of pearls can completely change an outfit, a mood, or an external appearance. As a gift, the chains made of shimmering treasures have been a sign of appreciation since time immemorial.

The ancient Persians worshiped them as the tears of the gods. For the ancient Greeks, they were dewdrops that fell from the sky on a full moon. The ancient Polynesians saw them as a gift from the god of peace Oro to his beloved princess. There is no doubt: adventurous myths are entwined around the meaning of pearls. It is not without reason that the pearl necklace is one of the most mysterious treasures in the jewelry box. Let’s get to the bottom of their secrets.

pearl necklace meaning

The true origin of the pearl necklace

As beautiful as the myths of the Greeks, Persians and Polynesians are, they are all wrong. The pearl has nothing to do with magic. Mother Nature created them and still does. On the seabed, protected by shells, the beauties mature – completely without human hands. But there are also pearls in which the man has a finger in the pie. We’re talking about cultured pearls. They are bred on mussel beds and processed into pieces of jewelry. Mussel farming is particularly pronounced in China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines.

The pearl necklace is a gift – a piece of jewelry, with many meanings

Love, wisdom, or power – even in ancient times, people disagreed about the meaning of the pearl. Love, wisdom, or power – even in ancient times, people disagreed about the meaning of the pearl. And that mystery continues to this day. The small natural wonder is still considered a pretty secretive

The pearl necklace meaning is a token of love

Today is a special day. Your partner gives you a gift. Expectantly you open the flat jewelry box. A string of pearls appears. How can you understand this attention? That looks like a token of love. Finally, in Hindu culture, pearls were known as a symbol of love and purity. So the owners of pearl necklaces can rejoice: they have won someone’s heart for themselves.

The pearl necklace as a wedding dowry

Pearls bring tears – at least that’s what the old saying goes. It is not for nothing that many a superstitious bride does not wear a necklace. Heartbreak, tears, and worries have no place in their marriage. But don’t worry: Very few brides take the old myth seriously. They boldly reach for the string of pearls. It would also be a shame if not. Especially in white and ivory, the preciousness is made for the wedding dress. It gently caresses the bare skin, flatters the complexion, and harmonics perfectly with the dress. And by the way: who actually talks about tears of sadness? Why shouldn’t they be tears of joy?

The pearl necklace meaning is a thank you

Helped a friend out of trouble? You can’t refuse your sister’s wish? Your partner can always rely on you. That sounds like true loyalty. But loyalty is not a matter of course. Selflessness and helpfulness deserve recognition. Sometimes an appreciative word or a warm hug is not enough. A nobler thank you is due – one like the pearl necklace. Pearls are said to be honest and loyal. So they are the ideal gift for a loyal and understanding person.

pearl necklace meaning

The pearl necklace meaning is proof of friendship

Whether friendship rings, friendship bracelets, or friendship pendants – solidarity knows many faces. One of her most beautiful faces is the pearl necklace. Who better to cherish friendship than the delicate braid? Friendships were sealed with pearls even in ancient times. Good friends expressed their attachment to pearl bracelets and necklaces. The whole world should see their happiness.

The pearl necklace is a get-well wish

Hard times are behind you. Above all, the health left a lot to be desired. Moral support is what you need now. One that stays with you in dark moments is the pearl necklace. It wraps gracefully around your neck and doesn’t move. But looking pretty isn’t her main job. In addition, it is supposed to stimulate the healing process. At least that’s what the legends say. They concede healing powers to the pearl. The piece of jewelry is all the more popular as a convalescent gift. Whenever body and mind go haywire, it comes into play. With a bit of luck and trust, it can give your well-being a boost.

The pearl necklace is a fashion acknowledgment

Fashion is your favorite playground. They don’t follow trends, they create them themselves. Their looks are like works of art – extravagant and distinctive. No wonder you’re a fashion role model. When buying gifts, you make it difficult for others: What do you give someone who understands fashion best themselves? How about a pearl necklace? For the fashion lover, the beautiful classic is an honor, a form of recognition. Your message: Congratulations, you have style. Even the greatest style icons could not be without the jewelry darling. Who doesn’t know Audrey Hepburn’s pompous pearl necklace from Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Marlene Dietrich is not only known for her Marlene pants, but also for her love of pearls. The Italian film diva Sophia Loren also knew how to use the effect of pearls for herself – just like Coco Chanel, the mother of the pearl necklace. With several layers, she spiced up her costume with pearls.

The pearl necklace meaning is a lucky charm

The interview for the dream job, the first date, the final exam – sometimes we need an extra portion of luck. Fingers crossed alone doesn’t help. A lucky charm is needed. Of course, most of them have the classics like the lucky pig, the horseshoe, or the ladybug in mind. But there may also be more original congratulations. What do you say about the pearl necklace? The timeless necklace has brought happiness to many fashion-conscious women. And best of all: If luck doesn’t come despite the pearl necklace, the recipient still has a pretty new piece of jewelry.

The pearl necklace is a legacy

From the great-grandmother to the grandmother to the mother – the pearl necklace has been in the family for many generations. She’s not the youngest anymore. But that’s the beauty of her. Whether at weddings, baptisms, funerals, or parades – the piece of jewelry was always there. All the more exciting stories cling to their pearls. Now the family heirloom passes on to you. From now on, it adorns your neck at weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, or stylish party nights. You are being given a great honor. Now it’s up to you to fill the treasure with new memories.

The string of pearls as a guide

There are moments when we lose our bearings. Suddenly the world stands still. If only we had a little clue. Pearl necklaces give us a clue. The jewel suggests solutions that we cannot see ourselves. It uncovers traumas and blockages in us and comforts us through pain, conflicts, and disappointments. All the more frequently pearl necklaces are given away as signposts. In dark times they are our support.

The many facets of the pearl necklace meaning

There is no doubt: the pearl necklace itself is a statement. Classicism, grace, loyalty, happiness, love, and purity emanate from her. The type of pearl is just as important. Each copy conveys its own message. Only which ones? Let’s take a look at the pearl dictionary.

The freshwater pearl – the symbol of purity

We call the pearl with a thousand faces the treasure from the fresh water – and rightly so. Their variety of colors is amazing. Sometimes it shines in sensual white, sometimes in romantic rosé, and sometimes in bright salmon. We even encounter it in the intense shade of violet. But all the lovely nuances have one thing in common: they stand for purity and innocence. It is not without reason that they are a popular wedding gift. They give the newlywed bride a piece of grace in marriage.

The Tahitian pearl – the art of seduction

It is the counterpart to the freshwater pearl – the Tahitian pearl. We also call her the dark beauty. It owes its nickname to its sensuously dark coloring with the elegant green shimmer. But dark is not the same as dark. Their color spectrum ranges from deep black to silver-grey to green-violet. But as different as the nuances are, they have one thing in common: They are seduction artists. No pearl is as alluringly sensual as the Tahitian pearl. Of course, women like to spoil themselves with dark beauty. Occasionally, however, she also receives them as a gift – usually from her own partner. Whether as a noble birthday surprise, as a highlight under the Christmas tree, or as a small gift in between – Tahitian pearls use every opportunity, to emphasize feminine elegance. The seduction artist is particularly suitable for one occasion – Valentine’s Day. Imagine: At the romantic candlelight dinner, your date hands you a noble casket. You open them excitedly. The small dark pearls shimmer towards you in the soft candlelight. If that isn’t a token of love with a wow effect.

The South Sea pearl – the queen of pearls

Anyone who receives South Sea pearls as a gift can count themselves lucky. You care about someone. After all, the South Sea pearl is not just any pearl. She is the queen of jewels. Its size alone is something special. It grows between ten and twelve millimeters in size. Neither the freshwater nor the Tahitian pearl can compete with that. The pearl takes an average of two years to mature. And that has its price. It is not without reason that the South Sea pearl is one of the greatest treasures on the jewelry market. But it’s not just their stately size that is almost magical. Their satin shimmer also knows how to enchant. In white and beige it looks elegant and sublime, in gold, it looks elegant and luxurious.

The Akoya pearl – the little treasure

The delicate counterpart to the South Sea pearl is the Akoya pearl, also known as the original pearl. Its roots go back to the early 20th century. The first Akoya pearls were mined in Japan as early as 1916. Since then they have become an indispensable part of the jewelry box. Standing out at all costs is not her style. You prefer to hold back. The small white pearls cleverly adorn the neck area but never push themselves into the center of things. And it is precisely this sympathetic minimalism that makes them so popular. There isn’t a look they don’t go with. Whether with a chic office outfit, a flowing evening gown, a teasing cocktail dress, or as an eye-catcher with jeans and a T-shirt – changeability is her trademark. The Akoya pearl is not only versatile when it comes to styling. Also as a gift, it conveys a wide variety of messages. Sometimes it is a token of love. Sometimes she surprises her best friend. Sometimes she expresses her appreciation. She wants to say thank you. Whatever you want to say, say it with Akoya Pearls.

The pearl is a piece of jewelry

The pearl can be found not only in pearl necklaces but also in other coveted pieces of jewelry. Our large selection of pearl jewelry offers the right piece of jewelry for every taste. In addition to chains we carry:

  • follower
  • bracelet
  • earrings
  • rings

Our jewelry sets with pearls are a very special offer. The beautiful combinations of matching pieces of jewelry underline the unique character of the person who puts on the jewelry. As a visual highlight, the pearls shimmer and shine with their mysterious shine, discreetly but effectively.

Pearls are particularly popular not only on necklaces but also as earrings. Earrings make every outfit complete.

pearl necklace meaning

How can pearl necklaces be perfectly combined?

The spectrum of pearls ranges from elegant to bourgeois to wick. This alone shows how busy the fashion world is with pearl jewelry. There are no limits to the possible combinations. For example, the following options are possible:

  • combine with other chains
  • wear with casual outfits
  • Use pearl necklaces as a statement of coolness and style

What used to be considered a no-go is now possible: wearing precious chains in everyday life and according to your mood. And to be honest: Pearl necklaces always fit! After a night of dancing, who doesn’t want to get up in the afternoon and have their first cup of coffee? In pajamas and with a pearl necklace around her neck, of course!

Shop pearl necklaces online at MUAU

Our selection of high-quality and beautiful pearl necklaces is unique. Do you want to give away a special necklace or buy one for yourself? Be inspired by our pearl jewelry and discover your personal favorites, combinations, and styles!

We look forward to providing you with competent advice if you have any questions. Feel free to contact us today. Your pearl necklace is already waiting for you!

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