Aircraft mechanic apprenticeship salary


airplane mechanic salary
airplane mechanic salary

Salary & earnings of aircraft mechanic

As a trained aircraft mechanic, you make the dream of flying come true for others – but what about your own dreams? We can take all your worries right away because the training as an aircraft mechanic is not only damn exciting but is also paid particularly generously. In this way, you can go from being a mechanic to being a passenger yourself and afford one or two plane tickets. But does your salary take off immediately after your training like a plane from the runway? We’ll tell you! Just read from us what you earn during and after your training as an aircraft mechanic.

airplane mechanic salary

What does an aircraft mechanic earn during training?

During the flight, the pilot switches on his autopilot, which he can absolutely rely on. It’s similar to your training allowance because without you having to worry about it yourself, it increases a bit every year. You start with a gross salary of between 970 and 1050 euros as an aircraft mechanic. Until the end of your apprenticeship, your salary will increase by around 50 to 100 euros per year, so you can expect to earn up to 1260 euros in the last year of your apprenticeship. Of course, the numbers can vary a bit everywhere. For example, some companies are affiliated with a union that sets wages for employees. If your training company pays according to a collective agreement, the federal state in which the company is based also plays a role in the salary.  

If you have costs during your training that are too much for your wallet, you can apply for a vocational training grant (BAB). Perhaps you are dreaming of an apprenticeship even though you do not live in the immediate vicinity of one of the locations and would have to move to do so. You don’t have to give up your dream immediately if your own apartment is too expensive for you and your family. You are also entitled to child benefit up to the age of 25 if you are in vocational training after school. It is best to find out about the funding options mentioned together with your parents at the Employment Agency because you have to fill out the relevant applications together.

Insider: The salary in the Bundeswehr

As a prospective aircraft mechanic, you will be paid in the Bundeswehr according to the collective agreement for trainees in the public sector. In the first year of training, you will receive around 1020 euros gross, in the second year 1070 euros, in the third 1115 euros, and in the fourth year of training, there will be around 1180 euros gross per month. In addition, you can look forward to a special annual payment of 90 percent of your monthly salary. In addition to a 50 euro subsidy for learning materials, you will also receive a bonus at the end of your training after successfully completing the final examination in the amount of 400 euros. There is even an entitlement to a family trip home once a month. This is to encourage family coexistence. Underage trainees can also receive a subsidy for accommodation and meals.

Average apprenticeship pay

airplane mechanic salary

Salary Comparison – Gross Income

airplane mechanic salary
airplane mechanic salary

airplane mechanic salary

After your training as an aircraft mechanic, your earnings will increase with your first job. After all, you are now a fully qualified mechanic and your pay should reflect that. As a trained aircraft mechanic, you will receive a starting salary of between 2000 and 2500 euros per month. Your salary will increase over the years, the tariff provides for a salary between 2500 and 2850 euros for aircraft mechanics who already have professional experience. Further training is also a guarantee for future salary increases. Depending on the additional qualification, such as EASA PART 66 training or training to become a master craftsman or technician, gross salaries for aircraft mechanics are possible between 3,000 and 4,200 euros.

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