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cleaning services

“Presenting yourself as organized, confident and united is obviously crucial in the dynamics of an office. It’s also physically challenging to have meetings in a crowded office. People may not feel relaxed or on top of their game when their eyes dart all over the place seeing your mess with nowhere to put even a cup of coffee.” A professional cleaning service can be the solution.

It’s been said that cluttered desks lead to cluttered minds, and we’d certainly agree with SCS Group Integrated Services. Of course, we are one of the professional cleaning companies in Brisbane that offer general office cleaning, janitorial services, and other professional services (carpet cleaning and water damage cleaning).

If SCS Group Integrated Services doesn’t convince you, consider the following statistics related to hygiene and production in the workplace.

  • Office keyboards typically have up to 7,500 different bacteria‌.
  • Viruses (such as the flu or covid-19) usually remain on surfaces such as keyboards or desks for 24 hours or more with covid-19.
  • Typically, employees miss nine work days a year because of being sick. Some of this is because of insufficient hygiene in the workplace.
  • Office desks can contain over 400 times the number of germs as a bathroom toilet.

Now that we’ve (hopefully) gotten your attention, it’s time to dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s blog. If you’re an office manager or business owner looking to increase productivity while boosting morale, we can think of better places to start than making sure your office is spotless and sparkling.


  • 1 Case Study: The Messy Desk Experiment
  • 2 General office cleaning in SCS Group Integrated Services
  • 3 Our general office cleaning service includes:
  • 4 Our certified custodial cleaning for commercial projects includes the following environments:

Case Study: The Messy Desk Experiment


Harvard University conducted a study involving over 100 students. We exposed them to an extremely clean and tidy workspace or the opposite of that: messy and pretty gross. I asked students in each group to solve a puzzle. Unknown to them, the puzzle was technically impossible to solve, but that wasn’t really the point.

Students who were in the tidy workspace worked on the puzzle for an average of 18.5 minutes before giving up, in contrast to students who lasted an average of just 11 minutes for students who tried. Solve the puzzle in messy work. Space.

Research shows the impact a cluttered environment can have. If we want to go a step further with the analysis, we could even say that the messy environment affected the student’s sense of personal control, so their mental faculties were significantly reduced.

Think about your own work experience and how you are most productive. If you’re anything like most of us, it’s pretty easy to understand how important a clean work environment is to our productivity, not to mention mental well-being!

If you’re an office manager looking for ways to increase productivity, determination, and focus, there aren’t many better ways than making sure your office is routinely cleaned!

General Office Cleaning In SCS Group Integrated Services



cleaning services

cleaning services

So we’ve made the case (with a little help from a university called “Harvard”) that having a clean office can increase productivity. That means the next step is to do something about it!

That “something” implies calling SCS Group Integrated Services, your professional cleaning company that provides services in all of Brisbane.

Our General Office Cleaning Service Includes:


  • Daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning
  • Restroom Sanitation Services
  • Carpet and floor cleaning scheduled maintenance
  • Measured inspections and 24-hour supervisory support

Our Certified Custodial Cleaning For Commercial Projects Includes The Following Environments:


Property Management Buildings

Privately owned commercial buildings

Multi-unit office space

In addition to increasing productivity, it may be even more important to have a professional and composed image when interacting with your clients in your office. So regardless of whether you are considering our cleaning services for the sake of your employees, clients, or both, it is a worthwhile decision that should contribute to the success of your business in a tangible way. Plus, it will make you feel better about your life daily!

Contact the Brisbane cleaning company SCS Group Integrated Services to discuss which cleaning services are ideal for your work environment. Please ‌contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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