Fashion trends autumn / winter 2021/2022: These are the 10 most important fashion trends for the new season


Fashion trends autumn
Fashion trends autumn
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The fashion trends autumn / winter 2021/22 have something to offer for every taste: winter sports references, warm faux fur coats and cozy head-to-toe knits promise. Opulent sequin looks and 1920s reinterpretations add shine and glamor to fashion. Clever tone-on-tone tailoring guarantees that we are always perfectly dressed. Also spotted on the catwalks of the fashion metropolises: trends such as the college look, military elements and lots of leather. The runway comeback of the 2000s provides that extra dose of extravagance. The most important fashion trends for the autumn and winter seasons 2021/22 at a glance

Warm wool sweaters with a brightly colored Fair Isle pattern, lined moon boots and ski pants, parkas and puffer jackets: the après-ski chic that will remind many of us of our last winter holiday is one of the biggest fashion trends of the new season at all – also off-piste, by the way.

Fake fur is once again one of THE fashion trends par excellence in autumn / winter 2021/22 – from jackets and coats to collars, tops and bags. Prada and Chanel, for example, sent their models in colorful faux fur creations down the Fashion Week runway, while other designer labels such as Givenchy showed deceptively realistic faux fur designs in their collections in white, brown and black.

3, fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: knitwear 2.0

Good news for everyone who wants to live anew in their thick knitted sweater every winter: In the autumn / winter season 2021/22, warm knitwear is not only a necessary evil, but becomes a real fashion statement – especially in the form of structured cable knit. Whether as a cozy all-over look with a matching sweater, trousers and coat, as a sophisticated dress, in the form of cool tank tops and cardigans or as sweater works of art draped around the shoulders.

4. Fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: Preppy style for advanced users

The college look shows its grown-up side in winter, because short schoolgirl skirts are mainly exchanged for sophisticated pleated skirts in midi length suitable for the office. In addition, there are lots of cozy tank tops, striped rugby shirts and checks as trends.

5. Fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: The golden 20s

Appropriately (interpreted in a contemporary way, of course), the 1920s find their way into our new millennium. What exactly does that look like? Pretty nice! In the form of long silk dresses with lace trimmings in a negligee look, which are styled under blazers and coats or layered over sweaters. Appropriately seen as trends: stoles and shawls with fake fur trim.

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6. Fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: leather

Whether as a shirt, pants, blazer, dress, two-piece suit, skirt or jumpsuit: leather or vegan artificial leather can be found everywhere in the autumn-winter collections. Particularly popular with designers: muted colors such as black, brown, gray or dark red as well as pastel optics. Our trend forecast: Without a part made of leather, the autumn look 2021/22 is incomplete!

7. Fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: glamor and glamor

Hopefully there will be enough reasons to get really excited again in the autumn-winter season 2021. The right fashion for it is definitely available! We have discovered glittering sequin looks in black, silver, gold and colorful metallic tones in many important collections – and not just in the form of classic party dresses. Coats, blazers or wide trousers also get the full dose of sparkle and ensure glamorous moments in everyday life.

8. Fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: Y2K aka die 2000s send their regards

Gen Z revives the trends of the early 2000s, so that many of us are currently experiencing various (beautiful and less beautiful) fashion. The so-called “Y2K” fashion trend, which reinterprets the flashy aesthetics of the time, includes, among other things, cropped going-out tops, low-waist bell-bottoms, baguette bags, chokers and glitter belts. Stars like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid or Dua Lipa are already big fans, as are numerous fashion labels.

9. Fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: monochrome tailoring

Elegant, casual pant suits for women will remain one of the most important trend looks in fashion in 2021/2022. So it’s no wonder that there is hardly a fashion label that did not show any suits on the catwalk during Fashion Week. However, the subject of tailoring is now treated in an even more sophisticated way, by combining monochrome tone-on-tone looks with color-coordinated trouser suits, matching coats, blouses and tops. Layering deluxe, so to speak.

10. Fashion trend autumn / winter 2021/2022: Military

Welcome back: We will encounter the evergreen among the fashion trends more often in winter 2021 than in previous seasons: military bonds in the form of sharp-cut jackets and coats, patch pockets and shoulder straps, gold-colored decorative buttons and a whole lot of khaki hit the rough in style this year Boots or chunky loafers .

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