What is the first sign of hearing loss- could cotton swabs be the cause?


sign of hearing loss

Shelpa smith was in her late 30s when she began to realize that things around her didn’t sound like they should. She never had any hearing problems, but suddenly all the sounds around her were muffled – which ultimately had a negative effect on her everyday life” sign of hearing loss”.

“I was having a hard time hearing and to be honest, I was a little embarrassed,” she recalls. “I wasn’t sure what the cause was. I just thought my hearing was slowly deteriorating with age. ”

Shelpa attended work-related meetings but could barely understand what her boss was trying to convey to the team. Sometimes she’d have to go back to her after the meeting to make sure she wasn’t wrong.

“My boss was really annoyed about it,” says Shelpa. “She always assumed that I was only asking these questions because I wasn’t paying attention during their presentations, but that wasn’t the case. I just couldn’t hear properly. It was a terrible feeling. ”

Not only did Shelpa’s work suffer

Not only did Shelpa’s work suffer, but her private life at home as well. Her husband was frustrated with repeating himself over and over, and television became a problem too.

“When my husband and I watched something on TV, I could hardly understand anything. I had to turn up the volume bit by bit to understand our shows, but quickly got to the point where I couldn’t hear anything. At least not without setting the volume to the maximum. That was of course uncomfortable for my husband and bothered the children when they were already in bed.

In the end, Shelpa had no choice but to give up television. Alone and dejected, she retired to her bedroom early every evening. Their hearing, which was once perfect, has deteriorated incredibly quickly, and with it, so has the quality of life.

“I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t enjoy spending time with my family. The work was more stressful than usual. My life has changed in such a short time and that was solely due to my hearing loss. One morning Shelpa woke up knowing it was time to do something. She called her family doctor and made an appointment with him that afternoon. In all honesty – I was scared, “she remembers when she thinks about her visit to the doctor. “I couldn’t know what he was going to say to me and I was terrified that my hearing would be lost forever. So I went and expected the worst. “

What is shelpa feeling after treatment

Shelpa was sitting in the waiting room, nervously waiting to be called. “I had to lean forward in my chair and read the nurse’s lips every time she read a name,” laughs Shelpa. “I was afraid that I would overhear her and miss my appointment because of it.”

When she was finally taken to the treatment room, she explained everything that had happened to her doctor. She told him that at work she could no longer hear or watch television; she vented her deep concern about her gradual hearing loss, which had progressed to the serious point where she was now. Her doctor listened carefully, made a few notes, and then used his otoscope to look closely at her ears.

sign of hearing loss
Tvidler ear wax remover sign of hearing loss

“He looked at me and asked what I was using to clean my ears. I’ve always used cotton swabs since I was a kid. I’ve heard that they can be dangerous, so I’ve always been careful not to stick them too deep in my ear and to be very careful with them. My doctor then told me that there was an extremely high amount of wax in my ear canal that had thickened around my eardrum. It was very likely that this accumulation was due to my years of use of cotton swabs – and it was this wax that was responsible for my hearing loss. “

Shelpa was relieved that her hearing problem was not chronic and could be remedied, but she couldn’t believe that such an accumulation of wax could happen at all – after all, she regularly cleaned her ears with cotton swabs. Her doctor then recommended that she should get rid of cotton swabs immediately and replace them with a new, safer, and more effective product.

The Tvidler ear wax remover

The Tvidler ear wax remover is a device that was specially developed with sensitive ear canals and ear wax accumulations in mind. Many people have been using cotton swabs to fix their wax problems for years, but these swabs were never really intended for use in the ear; in fact, they can do great harm. Cotton swabs push the wax deeper into the ear canal, which can lead to thickening like Shelpa experienced. They are also not particularly environmentally friendly because they are disposed of immediately after a single use and thus increase the waste on our ever-growing rubbish tips.

The Tvidler Ear wax remover has been specially developed with a unique spiral tip that “catches” the ear wax and removes it with slight twisting movements instead of pressing it further into the ear like a cotton swab. The Tvidler tips are made of flexible, soft material that cannot injure the inner ear. The Tvidler also contains sixteen interchangeable tips that will probably last a lifetime. The tips are rinsed off after use and can then be used again. Each family member can have their own Tvidler tip and the device can be conveniently shared among each other.

sign of hearing loss

The advantages of the Tvidler ear wax remover

  • The tips of the Tvidler ear wax remover are made of high quality silicone and are extremely resistant.
  •  Say goodbye to cotton swabs and hello to a green solution that will last a lifetime.
  • The spiral design of the Tvidler tips gently removes all excess wax from the ear canal, which means you can avoid condensation and unpleasant visits to the doctor.
  • The Tvidler, on the other hand, can be used safely by all age groups.
  • It has been specially designed with quality and safety in mind so that wax can be removed without the dangers of traditional cleaning methods. Simply turn it clockwise to remove any wax from the ear canal, leaving your ears clean and wax-free.

Other ear cleaning methods

Other ear cleaning methods can be extremely messy or even harmful. Ear drops, for example, are a common technique for removing lard from the ear canals. However, pouring liquid into your ear can be uncomfortable, not to mention that it often requires the help of someone else. It can also stain hair and clothing if the liquid leaks out of the ear with the bound wax. Another popular method for wax removal is ear candling. You lie on your side and put a long, thin candle on your ear, which you then light. This is supposed to create a vacuum in the ear that pulls the lard out of the canal. However, these candles are not always effective and can even cause burns from the dripping wax.

After examining her ears, Shelpa’s doctor removed the condensed wax using a simple medical procedure that instantly restored her hearing.

“You have to clean your ears regularly at home, but I would ask you to dispose of your cotton swabs. These chopsticks are extremely dangerous and the next time your hearing loss could be permanent. There are many other methods of ear cleaning, such as ear drops, but these don’t always work and can be a mess. What you need is Tvidler. ”

The doctor handed Shelpa a brochure about the Tvidler, which she took home. There she immediately placed an order.

“There was no way I wanted to go through this hearing loss a second time,” she recalls. “So I immediately ordered the Tvidler and sixteen replacement tips online.”

The delivery arrived at her doorstep a few days later. The package was professionally packed and already gave an idea of ​​the quality of the product inside.

“As soon as I saw the Tvidler, I knew that I had made the right decision. It was incredibly well made and ergonomic. It lies comfortably in the hand and I can grip it well so that I have a lot of control when cleaning this sensitive area. “

After taking it out of the box, Shelpa attached one of the reusable tips to the end of the device. Then she carefully put the device in her ear and turned it clockwise a few times.

“There were debris from earwax all over the top,” explains Shelpa. “I was shocked at how much the device got out, especially since my doctor had cleaned my ears thoroughly just a few days ago. I was a little worried at first because the tip was so soft; I wasn’t sure if it would really work that way. ”

After removing the wax

After removing the wax, she put the tip under the faucet and the wax was quickly gone into the sink. The whole thing took just a minute! I was shocked how easy it was! ” Shelpa could hardly hide her excitement. “I was sure that it would be a lot of work to wash and dry the tip before changing it to the other ear, but that was completely different! The wax is simply rinsed off under the tap and I was able to move on to the second ear after just a few seconds. I called my whole family to the bathroom and gave each one a tip of their own. Later everyone tried the Tvidler and they were all more than thrilled! The device is not only easier to use than cotton swabs, it is also safer and more environmentally friendly! So why should you choose anything else?

Since then she’s the Tvidler Shelpa no longer has any hearing problems. She even went to a hearing care professional and had her hearing checked by an expert, who then certified him in the best of health. Thanks to the Tvidler, she was able to get her old life back. She can spend pleasant time with the family again and watch films and series without turning the volume up, and since then there have been no more embarrassing moments at work with her boss.

“Cotton swabs almost cost me my hearing and I’ll never touch them again. The Tvidler not only gave me back my hearing, but also the certainty that my family can ensure their personal ear hygiene with a device that is safe on the one hand and good for the environment on the other. ”

Shelpa became a fan – and so will you.

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