Getting ear piercing near me – how much does it cost?


How much does ear piercing near me cost?

Ear jewelry has a long tradition, as thousands of years ago people adorned their ears with studs and small rings. To this day it has lost none of its fascination and enjoys unbroken popularity, not just among women. In an interview with the cost check expert, we clarify, among other things, what it costs to have your ears pierced.

ear piercing near me ear piercing chart

What is the difference between pierced ears and pierced ears?

Cost check: Ear holes (lobes) are always pierced in the earlobe. Depending on the anatomy, one or more pieces of jewelry can be placed here. Body piercing, on the other hand, decorates other areas of the ear.

Depending on their placement, these stud earrings are called

  • Conch,
  • Snug,
  • Industrial,
  • Helix,
  • Tragus,
  • Rook,
  • Diath,
  • Forward Helix

Designated. They must be pierced by a piercer with a sterile disposable hollow needle.

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced or pierced?

ear piercing near me ear piercing chart

Cost check: Both jewelers and piercers offer piercing of the ears at an all-inclusive price. This almost always contains the initial jewelry, the required disinfectant, and a product for later care at home:

Artcosts down  
Pierced ears at the jewelerfrom 10 euros  
Ear piercing at the piercerfrom 20 EUR  
ear piercing near me. ear piercing chart

How is the ear pierced by the pharmacist or doctor?

Cost check: There are different systems with which a hole can be pierced. If you decide to get the piercing at the pharmacy or at the doctor’s, the hole is usually pushed through the earlobe with a precision instrument. At the same time, the clasp of the plug is attached behind the ear to the pin of the earplug.

ear piercing near me. ear piercing chart

Due to the special cartridge system, the ear no longer comes into contact with the instrument as it used to, but only with the sterile packaged ear stud and the closure. The procedure is as follows:

  • First, the earlobe is thoroughly disinfected.
  • Use a marker to mark the spot where you want the ear stud to sit. The pen is used once only for you.
  • You can then look at yourself in the mirror again and assess whether the later fit of the earrings is what you want.
  • The blister pack is opened.
  • The cartridge with the earrings is inserted without touching it. Only then is the blister removed.
  • The tip of the ear stud is positioned at the marked point on the earlobe, the instrument is pushed through and then carefully pulled down.

Make absolutely sure that the person carrying out the examination wears new examination gloves and only have your ears pierced by trained specialists.

How does the piercer pierce the ear?

Cost check: If you have your ear pierced by a piercer, it is a bit expensive. At the same time, this is the gentler variant, since, in contrast to the above method, the needle does not destroy the tissue, but only displaces it.

The advantage: unlike when pushed through, the edges of the wound do not fray and the injury heals better. In addition, the precision instrument cannot be completely disinfected, which is also questionable from a hygienic point of view.

ear piercing near me. ear piercing chart

If you have your ear pierced by a piercer, the following procedure is usual:

  • First, the piercer explains how the piercing is set and how you should care for it afterward.
  • The earlobe is thoroughly disinfected.
  • The area to be pierced is marked with a disposable pen.
  • With the help of a mirror, you can check the planned position of the jewelry again.
  • The piercer fixes the earlobe with a clamp or tweezers.
  • The skin is punctured with a needle placed in a sterile indwelling cannula.
  • The clamp is removed and the jewelry is inserted into the cannula.
  • This is pulled out and the initial jewelry is closed.

For all work, the piercer should wear disposable gloves and a hygienic mouth guard.

What hygiene regulations apply to ear piercing?

Cost check: In Germany, ear piercing is subject to the hygiene regulations of the federal states. The requirements for the premises, their equipment, and the course of the lancing process are precisely regulated in special plans.

The person carrying out the work must therefore wear disposable gloves and carefully disinfect their hands. Initial studs and clasps must be kept in sealed disposable packaging.

If the special instrument is used, it must not come into direct contact with the ear and must be disinfected after each use. This also applies to the piercer’s workplace and all work surfaces.

What materials should the earrings be made of?

Cost check: Regardless of whether you are allergic or not, when choosing your first piece of jewelry you should look for materials that are very well tolerated, such as surgical steel used in medicine, titanium or high-quality gold. It must be labeled as anti-allergic and comply with the EU nickel regulation 2004/96/EG.

This also applies to later pieces of jewelry, because allergy-causing nickel can still be found in some pieces of jewelry. Even if you have tolerated such jewelry before, the earrings could lead to initial reactions and, in the worst case, to the fact that you can no longer wear earrings.

How should the newly pierced ears be cared for?

ear piercing near me. ear piercing chart

Cost check: Immediately after piercing, the risk of infection is quite high because the wounds are not yet closed. In order for these to heal quickly, you should:

  • Only touch the ears and jewelry with clean and, if possible, disinfected hands.
  • Do not press the plug closer to your ear. Good air circulation is only guaranteed if it sits loosely.
  • Clean the front and back of the earring twice a day with the detergent provided and a sterile wound dressing.
  • Then gently turn the connector a few times. This prevents the metal from becoming stuck unintentionally.
  • Avoid contact with water for the first two weeks and wash your hair very gently.
  • Visiting the swimming pool and sauna is taboo during this time.

How long does it take for the ear piercing to heal?

Cost check: Since the earlobe has a good blood supply, the small wound heals quickly. As a rule, you can replace the initial studs with other earrings after just six weeks. The ear piercings are completely healed after six months and the piercings no longer close, even if you take out the jewelry, for example when doing sports.

In contrast, the healing time for holes pierced through the cartilage area of ​​the ear is significantly longer. Because there is no blood flow to these areas, it takes up to a year for the pierced ears to heal. You should therefore wear the initial jewelry for at least three months.

Does ear piercing hurt?

Cost check: If done professionally with modern equipment, the small hole is not very painful. At best, you will feel a short pike.

At what age can children have their ears pierced?

ear piercing near me. ear piercing chart

Cost check: In Germany, there is no legal age limit for ear piercing. If the parents agree in writing, ears can be pierced even for small children. For ear piercings, however, parents must be present in person until they reach the age of 16.

However, some doctors advise against getting ears pierced in children who have not yet reached preschool age. Therefore, talk to your pediatrician in advance about any risks.

Can I also wear earrings if I have allergies?

Cost check: If you know that you are allergic to substances such as nickel, house dust, pollen, or certain disinfectants, you should clarify with your family doctor whether you can wear earrings. This is very important because it is the only way to avoid potentially painful complications.

Do earrings have to be removed when exercising?

Cost check: If you took out the new ear studs, the freshly punched hole would heal in no time. Therefore, the initial jewelry should remain in the small hole for at least six weeks.

If you have been wearing the earrings for a long time, you can easily remove them during sports. After about six months, the skin has formed in the puncture canal. Even if you don’t wear earrings for a long time, the hole will remain. The impression that it has closed is usually caused by a sebum plug that can be pushed out again without pain.

What are the risks of ear piercing?

Cost check: There are some contraindications for which ear piercing is not recommended. This is the case, for example, if you:

  • Suffer from hemophilia, hepatitis, or HIV.
  • Have a tendency to severe scarring.
  • You are known to have severe mental intolerance.

If you have to take medication regularly or are resistant to antibiotics, you should consult your doctor beforehand.

Are there any risks from wearing very large earrings?

Cost check: Many women love eye-catching earrings. However, this is relatively heavy and in the long run, puts a strain on the connective tissue of the ear. This damage may not regress, even if you switch back to small plugs. Therefore, these earrings should be reserved for special occasions.

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