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hire domestic worker

There are steps to hiring a domestic employee or domestic cleaning assistant, and in this article, we will help you know them.

Our intention is to provide you with all the information that will facilitate the hiring process. Although the title of this article mentions Brisbane the content applies to you wherever you are.

Our mission is to provide a special, unique, and differentiated service because of excellent care from the moment you contact us to request it.

That is why we have domestic assistants who have extensive experience and a track record that guarantees a deep and systematic cleaning in the home.

So you have two options, hire a domestic worker directly to provide you with our services at home, or do it through SCS Group Cleaning Solution.

The great advantage you have with us is that we are not intermediaries, but we offer the service, we have domestic assistants duly trained and with experience, and they have legal status, so we cover everything that corresponds by law.

This means that you will not have to carry out any type of paperwork or sign a contract with the employee or cleaning assistant because we are the ones who answer for our cleaners in the face of legal obligations.

As you can see, it is an easy, fast and effective option. Instead, if you decide to do it on your own, take into account the following steps:

Be extremely careful with your role as an employer

If you decide to use it on your own, you must be very serious and take extreme care, if you skip any legal step you can put your peace of mind and security at risk.

Keep in mind that you will be about to hire an employee who is very important, who must be reliable, because you will give them access to your home, therefore you must be able to trust our cleaners up to that point.

It will become your right hand at home, and the best thing is that you feel calm. The need for extreme care increases if the domestic employee will work as an intern.

That is why it is better to have SCS Group Cleaning Solution, because we provide 100% reliable cleaning personnel, who have already been tested and of whom we know details of their work performance.

Define what you expect from the cleaning assistant

Second, you must be completely clear about what you want when hiring a cleaning assistant to work at home.

You must define the tasks very well, and we must reflect these in a contract, in this way you will avoid misunderstandings and you can be sure that we will fulfill the agreed responsibilities.

In fact, by defining what you expect, you will also be able to know what kind of profile to hire so that all the tasks you need to be accomplished are carried out.

With SCS Group Cleaning Solution you save the contract because we take care of it. In addition, we help you define the activities you want from the service; we make sure we fulfilled them and you will have an incredible clean experience. 

Do the job interview

If you decide to hire on your own, you should also consider the importance of the job interview. Talk with each candidate in order to explore options, experiences, backgrounds, reasons they no longer work with the former employer, and more.

This is how you will have an aim impression of each candidate, and in this way have a better capacity to decide of which one to hire, which one meets the shower profile, and which one you will feel more comfortable with.

Make sure you know the availability of time to work and clarify all the doubts you may have, in order to decide with complete confidence.

With SCS Group Cleaning Solution you don’t have to do job interviews, so you won’t waste time, and you will get a cleaning assistant that meets your demands and expectations.

Determine if you need a specialized assistant

Some people need an assistant who, besides being able to cover the basic needs of a cleaning service, also has a specialized profile in issues such as caring for the elderly.

Here, invest more time to find the perfect candidate for the tasks you want to be covered.

You need an assistant who manages well with children, or who can do the pertinent purchases for day-to-day.

If you decide to skip these steps explained so far and hire a domestic worker in Brisbane, or in any of the areas we cover, you will receive an assistant with the specific profile you need in your home.

Make sure your family is comfortable

If you have a family, take this variable into account when hiring a domestic worker. You must feel comfortable with the cleaning assistant, and remember that they will interact during the day.

In this sense, you need to hire a domestic cleaning assistant who knows how to work in a home with a family, and who adjusts to the needs of each one with cleaning rooms such as your children’s rooms.

We think about this, and we have among our options cleaning assistants who can live with your family if they are domestic employees, and who know how to handle each member of the family so that they feel comfortable with the service.

Keep these recommendations in mind if you decide to hire on your own and search among independent assistant options.

But remember that with SCS Group Cleaning Solution everything is more convenient for you, we make your life easier because we know that this is what you want, to support you with a complete service designed to suit your needs. Contact us and learn more.

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