How much does a small tattoo cost?


How much does a small tattoo cost?


The rule used to be that a tattoo the size of the palm of the hand costs around 100 Deutschmarks. The price is no longer so easy to quantify today. The cost check expert knows why this is and what costs you have to reckon with for a small motif.

What affects the cost of a tattoo?

Cost check: What you ultimately have to spend on the complexion depends on the following points:

  • The tattoo artist’s level of awareness and experience,
  • Size and location of the studio,
  • Individual calculation of the artist.

So you have to assume that a very popular tattoo artist, who is also located in the inner city of a big city, is significantly more expensive than a lesser-known shop in a small town.

What price should I expect?

Cost check: Due to the points mentioned at the beginning, the costs for the tattoo are difficult to quantify. The price for an hour in the studio starts at around 75 EUR.

To give you an initial overview, here are some price examples:

very small motif such as a paw print or initialsfrom 50 euros  
A tattoo consists mainly of lines, for example, lettering80 to 120 euros  
Colorful, detailed motif in the size of a cigarette pack120 to 200 euros

Please keep in mind, however, that the prices listed can only be used as a rough guide and may vary upwards or downwards.

Why is a small tattoo so expensive?

Cost check: It’s not enough just to prick the motif. No matter how large the picture should be, the tattoo artist

He then draws the motif and/or changes it according to your wishes. The workplace and machines need to be disinfected and prepared just as carefully for a tiny tattoo as for a long session. You also have to pay for this not inconsiderable amount of time.

This is followed by the actual introduction of the color into the skin. The tattoo artist will then treat the wound and you will receive care tips. That’s why there’s always a minimum price for tiny tattoos, no matter how small they may be.

Where do small motifs look good?

Cost check: These look most exciting on subtle places like the wrist or ankle, the inside of a finger, or under the breast.

How do I find the right studio?

Cost check: Since tattoos change the external appearance permanently, you should not save at the wrong end, even with a small tattoo. Even if it’s just a tiny motif, it’s not advisable to simply go to the first tattoo artist in your area and have your skin tattooed directly. Find out more, read reviews, view previous work, and visit the artist’s homepage or Instagram account.

Then make an appointment for a consultation and let us show you the studio. Here the space for public traffic should be strictly separated from the one where you will get the tattoo. Everything has to look very clean, almost sterile.

Does tattooing hurt a lot?

Cost check: how painful it is to pierce the subject depends on the spot you decide to go for. There are many nerves on the hands, feet, elbows, and face, and the skin is quite thin. Many find tattooing in these areas relatively uncomfortable, while in robust areas such as the upper arms only a tickling and burning sensation is felt.

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