How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?


How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?

As a result of years of plucking, the eyebrows sometimes grow very unevenly and in some places may not grow back at all. Since the shape and density of the brows have a strong effect on the facial expression, many of those affected wish for fuller and nicely shaped eyebrows again. You can find out what it costs to supplement this with permanent make-up in this article, in which you will also find a lot of valuable information on this topic.

How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?

Was it Permanent Make-up?

Cost check: In principle, permanent make-up is nothing more than a tattoo. However, it is pierced with ultra-fine needles that only penetrate the epidermis. Synthetic or mineral color pigments are introduced which, depending on the condition of the skin, remain visible for a limited period of two to five years.

How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?

Thanks to innovative techniques such as micro-blading or neon blading, gaps are so skilfully covered that the modeled 3D hairs are visually indistinguishable from your own. Even the complete redesign of the brows is possible with this technique.

Since the color fades over time, you need to have the permanent make-up touched up regularly. Eyebrows should be redrawn after about twelve months.

How much does permanent eyebrow enhancement cost?

Cost check: The brows are semi-permanently perfected with innovative treatments such as micro-blading or neon blading. Unsightly gaps are completely covered and the eyebrows are given a very pretty shape.

The cost of this beauty treatment varies as each studio calculates slightly differently. You have to reckon with the following price:

optical compression of your own eyebrows300 – 750 EUR  
Reshaping the brows400 to 800 euros  
How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?

The repairs, which take place about four weeks after the treatment, are already included in the above costs.

Is pigmentation very painful?

Cost check: How uncomfortable you find the process depends on various factors such as your individual pain tolerance. Most clients don’t feel anything more than a slight scratching or tickling. If desired, the area can also be anesthetized.

What is the difference between permanent makeup and micro blading

Cost check: Although micro-blading is still quite new in the western world, this technique of drawing fine hairs is now mainly used. Due to the very finely modeled “hair” and the even incorporation of the color, the appearance is more appealing than tattooed permanent make-up.

How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?

With micro-blading, the skin is scratched manually with the so-called “blade” and the pigments are then introduced. A special tattooing needle is used for permanent make-up, which was also used for eyebrows in the past. This is not as fine as the micro-blading instrument, which means that the result does not look quite as natural.

How does the treatment work?

Cost check: Plan about two hours for the session with the beautician. On the day of the treatment and the evening before you should:

  • Coffee,
  • alcohol and
  • Nicotine
How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?

The actual treatment process is as follows:

  • Before the pigments are introduced, you will be given detailed advice.
  • The face is measured and the points where the eyebrow should be according to the golden section are drawn.
  • You can check the result with the hand mirror.
  • The color nuance will be selected together with you and the intensity discussed.
  • Then the expert begins to carve the wafer-thin lines with gentle pressure. The cuts are so fine that no blood escapes.
  • The color is then applied and gently massaged in.
  • When you first look in the mirror, the eyebrows are still slightly reddened, and shiny and the lines often appear too dark. However, this quickly disappears, because the skin usually swells up again within a few hours. As the color fades during the healing process, the brows will look lighter and very natural.

What do I have to consider after the treatment?

Cost check: In the first three days after the treatment, you should wash your eyebrows every hour with a soft cloth and then treat them with the care recommended by the beautician. This is important so that the skin does not scab over and the color is accidentally discharged. If the treatment area swells a little, you can cool it down with cool packs.

After four weeks, there is usually a follow-up treatment that serves to optimize it. Individual hairs can be touched up, faded areas filled in and, if desired, the shape can be slightly changed.

Do you have to shave your own eyebrows for permanent make-up?

Cost check: No, this is not required for micro-blading or permanent make-up. If your eyebrows grow too lush in some areas, the beautician will pluck them into shape during the course of the treatment.

What affects the durability of the color?

Cost check: Depending on the thickness of the skin, the pigmentation, and the skin’s blood circulation, the tone of the applied color changes during the healing phase. Individual lifestyle habits such as frequent sunbathing, regular visits to the solarium, and certain skincare products or medication can also change the color a little over time and affect the durability of permanent make-up.

Can the permanent make-up be removed again?

Cost check: you don’t like your look with thicker or slightly wider eyebrows? Unfortunately, there is only the very expensive option of removing the beauty treatment with the laser. Therefore, before pigmentation, you should be absolutely sure that this is the right way for you and that you like yourself with the new look.

For whom is the permanent make-up of the eyebrows out of the question?

How much does eyebrow beautification with the permanent make-up cost?

Cost check: If you suffer from one of the following diseases, this beauty treatment cannot be carried out:

  • Autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease or multiple sclerosis,
  • infectious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • Epilepsy,
  • Hemophilia,
  • other blood disorders,
  • hypersensitivity of the skin,
  • acute cardiovascular diseases,
  • eczema and serious allergies,
  • Acute infection with herpes viruses,
  • Hautanomalien.

If you are suffering from a flu-like infection, you should postpone the treatment appointment. If you are pregnant, still breastfeeding, or taking anticoagulant medication, you should also refrain from having your eyebrows beautified with permanent make-up.

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