Is your cell phone broken? These are the most common damages you break it we fix it


you break it we fix it
you break it we fix it

The smartphone is firmly anchored in our society and in our everyday lives. Hardly anyone can imagine living without the clever mini-computer that makes our lives easier in many a situation. Accordingly, a defect in the much-appreciated mobile phone means a great limitation and an even greater loss. No cell phone owner likes a broken cell phone, which is why additional cell phone insurance makes more than sense to protect you from numerous everyday situations, cell phone damage, and financial consequences. In the following, we will tell you what these are and how you can avoid them.

What can you do if your cell phone is broken?

Nobody likes a broken cell phone but you break it we fix it. So that you quickly have a working smartphone in your hands again, follow our helpful tips that will help you in an emergency and save you from a smartphone-free time.

Describe and analyze your problem as precisely as possible

In order to repair your mobile phone or have it repaired, it is important that you locate the damage exactly. Only in this way can a targeted cell phone repair be carried out and the appropriate spare parts procured.

Take your smartphone to a cell phone repair shop

You can bring your cell phone to a cell phone repair shop if you don’t feel capable of repairing it yourself and prefer to rely on the expertise of a professional technician.

Do-it-yourself repairs

Of course, you can also repair your broken mobile phone yourself. For this, however, you need the right tools, the replacement materials, and a lot of instinct. Keep in mind that a smartphone combines delicate technology in the smallest of spaces and can be damaged by the slightest fall or movement. Therefore, concentrate on your cell phone repair so that you don’t destroy more than you repair.

Contact insurance

If you have taken out additional mobile phone insurance, if your mobile phone breaks, all you have to do is report the damage to your insurer. With the VALUE GUARANTEE mobile phone insurance, you can do this very easily via the customer portal on our website and you will soon be paid for your mobile phone repair or, in the case of a total loss, the current value. So you don’t have to worry about a broken cell phone.

you break it we fix it

The smartphone – one device, many functions

At least since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, the smartphone has been on the rise and has now firmly established itself in our society. The majority of mobile phones sold today are smartphones and have long since replaced the classic push-button phone like a mobile phone booth. Today’s smartphone is even more than just a phone. It’s a camera, MP3 player, calendar, notepad, dictionary, alarm clock, radio, calculator, tape recorder, flashlight, and communication device all in one. The touch-sensitive screen, mobile Internet, GPS navigation, and video functions ultimately make the smartphone a convenient mini-format computer that can be taken and used anywhere. But due to the complex and filigree technology, the smartphone is also particularly susceptible to damage and external influences, which is why more and more cell phone owners are complaining about a defective device or broken individual parts. In the following, we have summarized the five most common cell phone damages and what you can do about it in an emergency.

The 5 most common types of cell phone damage

Everyday life holds numerous situations in which our beloved smartphones can be damaged and broken. System failures or mechanical errors are also not uncommon and lead to numerous total failures or restricted functions. We have compiled the most common types of cell phone damage for you, including tips and tricks on how to behave in an emergency.

broken display

According to surveys, broken displays are the most common reason for a broken cell phone. The touch-sensitive screen glass broke quickly. Just a brief moment of inattention and numerous cracks and splinters adorn your screen. In this case, you can only have the entire display replaced if you don’t want to see blurry or less contrast in the long run.

Broken battery

A weak or hot battery is the order of the day for many mobile phone owners. A battery failure is also not uncommon and burdens numerous smartphone users. If your mobile phone battery dies, first check whether it is a deep discharge. To do this, connect your device to a power source and charge it overnight. If it still doesn’t turn on after 24 hours, contact a technician or buy a new battery for replacement.

Cell phone water damage

Water damage to a mobile phone usually causes the most costs for repairs and the like and has already happened to one in five mobile phone owners. Just a moment’s inattention is enough for your device to fall down the toilet or bathtub, or be submerged by a fallen drink. In this situation, you should act quickly and remove all-important elements such as the battery or all memory and SIM cards. Never switch on your device and do not try to dry it in the oven or with a hairdryer. If your cell phone does not turn on even after 24 hours of drying time, you should contact a professional cell phone repair shop.

Charging socket defective

A defective charging socket is often caused by dirt or excessive stress. A USB charging socket can also stick or the contacts can break off. In this case, your charging connector will need to be replaced, which can either be done by a professional technician or you can do it yourself. However, keep in mind that the latter requires a lot of precision as well as a special tool.

Headphone jack broken

A defective headphone jack is particularly annoying for cell phone owners who also use their phone as an MP3 player. Above all, dust and dirt as well as liquids clog the headphone jack over time and can provoke a defect. The wrong headphones can also cause damage by damaging the contact pads, among other things. If you want to keep listening to music on your phone, you have no choice but to swap out your headphone jack. Whether this happens on your own or in a cell phone repair shop is up to you.

Is cell phone broken? – That’s what a smartphone repair costs you

Your mobile phone is broken and needs to be repaired? Depending on the damage, you have to reckon with several 100 euros for a cell phone repair. While a defective headphone or charging socket can cost around 50 to 60 euros, the water damage that can be repaired can cost up to 400 euros. A broken display can also cost up to 300 euros and is usually not taken over by the manufacturer or the retailer, since the guarantee or warranty does not apply. Therefore, take out additional cell phone insurance after purchasing a cell phone and minimize the risk of such a high financial loss many times over.

If you do not have mobile phone insurance, you will find a suitable mobile phone repair at the  Value GARANTIE repair marketplace. Simply select your model and the defect and you will be shown suitable cell phone repair shops. If you are unsure what exactly is broken on the mobile phone, decide on the cost estimate. The repair professionals then create an exact damage diagnosis.

Before your cell phone breaks, take out cell phone insurance

Cell phone insurance is a wise investment when you consider how many cell phones break every day. Statistically, around half of all smartphones suffer a broken display at some point in the owner’s lifetime. The financial consequences are immense and weigh heavily on your account balance. You can easily avoid this risk by simply taking out additional mobile phone insurance. With the VALUE GUARANTEE mobile phone insurance, from five euros a month, you are protected against falls, storms and frost, fire and fire, water damage, operating errors, electronic and mechanical errors, and robbery. This allows you carefree smartphone use anywhere, at any time of day, and in weather conditions.

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