Pimple in the ear: You really should NEVER make this mistake!


Pimple in the ear
Pimple in the ear
Pimple in the ear

Pimples in the ear can become very painful very quickly. Precisely because the ear is very sensitive, pimples are also difficult to treat. Nevertheless: With these tips, you can get rid of pimples in your ears

Pimples are a tiresome subject. But even more unpleasant than pimples on the face are those that spread in the ear, auditory canal, or behind the ear. Although they are less noticeable than those on the nose, for example, they hurt much more quickly and, depending on the location, can even affect sleep. Luckily, there are a few tips to help get rid of ear pimples. But be careful: you should keep your hands off some parts so as not to damage the sensitive ear.

Causes: How do pimples form in the ear?

“Pimples in the ear develop in the same way as pimples on the face,” explains Dr. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey, a dermatologist at the Skin and Laser Center at the Opera in Munich. “In the ear in particular, however, there are many sebaceous glands that also produce earwax. If these gland entrances become clogged or if bacteria – especially propionic bacteria – enter the gland, more pimples can develop here.”

What can you do about pimples in the ear?

“Prevent primarily by cleaning the skin of the ears, earlobes, and pinna daily as you would your face,” recommends Dr. Schoppelrey. “Disinfectant pads or fruit acid pads are particularly suitable for this. Regular use of fruit acid pads removes the top layers of skin and opens up the sebum glands, allowing sebum and earwax to drain out and reducing the likelihood of inflammation and pimples forming.” What, according to the dermatologist, really should never happen: “Liquid running from the pads into the inside of the ears?”

Removing pimples in the ear: when should I see a doctor?

“Basically, pimples in the ear are removed in the same way as classic pimples on the face,” says the expert. He warns: “To remove a pimple in your ear, you should definitely put yourself in the hands of a specialist such as a beautician or a dermatologist.” Professionals tackle the pimple in the ear in several steps and with special tools: “In the first step, the skin on the ears and the auricle are softened with steam,” explains Dr. Schoppelrey. “Then the pimples are pierced with a sterile needle or scalpel and then popped out with a special blackhead removal tool.”

Pimples in the ear canal: what to do?

Please NEVER try to remove a pimple in the ear canal yourself! “If a pimple has formed in the inner ear canal, you should seek treatment from an ENT doctor,” advises the dermatologist. “They have the right tools at their disposal to easily reach the areas inside the ears that need treatment.”

Remove pimples in the ear: Here’s how it works at home

“At home, you can and should primarily only treat pimples on the outside of your ears,” says Dr. Schoppelrey. “However, you should also be careful in the auricle and, if in doubt, go to the doctor to avoid injuries to the sensitive ear. The procedure itself is similar to that of the expert:

  1. Open pores with hot steam. To do this, hold the ear with the pimple over a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Disinfect the area with a wound spray or toner containing alcohol
  • Wrap a tissue around your fingers to keep bacteria out of your ear.
  • Try to gently squeeze the pimple or blackhead. If nothing comes up on the third press, stop immediately!
  • Clean the wound with alcohol or disinfectant after squeezing.

Get rid of pimples in the ears: It works with these tools

Alternative: It is sometimes difficult to get to the impurity in the auricle with your fingers. There are special tools for treatment that can be used to put pressure on the culprit. How to clean the hands of the tools before each use – preferably with alcohol. And: NEVER insert tools into your ears!

1. Blackhead Remover

Gets into tricky spots in the ear cup. Simply squeeze, and the sebum usually comes out of the pimple or blackhead.

2. Comedo loop

Beauticians love comedo loops. Place the ring around the blemish and pull over it with gentle pressure to release the sebum.

Cotton swabs for pimples in the ear: yes or no?

Cotton swabs have a reputation for damaging ears when cleaning them. dr Schoppelrey: “When using it, you have to make sure that the earwax is not pushed into the ear by the sticks, but is brought out from the inside.” His tip: “For additional disinfection, you can also moisten the stick with some medical alcohol and insert it carefully into the ear – but never too deeply, as this can also damage the sensitive auditory canal hairs and the eardrum.”

Home remedies for pimples in the ear: these are the best

Home remedies can help with blemished skin. They are applied selectively to the pimple.

1. Zugsalbe

Pimple in the ear

“Traction ointments should only be used on pimples on the outer area of ​​the ear,” warns Dr. Schoppelrey. “Used in the inner ear, these ointments are rather counterproductive because they can block it, the earwax cannot drain and more pimples can develop.”

2. Teebaumöl

Pimple in the ear

Just like with normal pimples, you can use tea tree oil for pimples in the ear. It works against bacteria and can be applied to the pimple with a cotton swab. This tea tree oil is the best!


Honey has an antibacterial effect, Manuka honey even more because it contains a very highly poetized substance with MGO. It is best to dab some honey on the impure area and let it work for as long as possible. Of course, the same applies here: not inside!

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