Professional cleaning tips at home


professional cleaning tips at home

Cleaning at home is often done as we would say “above”, this does not happen with our domestic assistants, therefore, based on the experience they have, we will give you professional cleaning advice at home.

It is in the details that you have to pay attention to. Our assistants are not only in charge of cleaning the visible surfaces and those that are ‌cleaned, but they also go into the details.

So we invite you to read this article until the end, because we will also present you with the myths and truths about cleaning, and you notice that there are practices that should be avoided and others that must be adopted.

In the same way, remember that with our cleaning services, you can not worry about everything related to the order, organization, and cleaning of your home, because we provide you with a clean experience.

So pay attention, and discover what you should consider so that nothing in your home is overlooked, these are the tips for professional cleaning at home:

Therefore, today we have focused on 8 things that we should clean more often:

work area at home

In these times, you surely have to have a teleworking area in your home. Whether you work at home, you probably have a desk with a computer where you do some daily activities.

These areas often serve as hubs for dust and bacteria when not cleaned frequently and properly.

For example, the computer keyboard and mouse are elements where you are always placing your hands, therefore they are exposed to bacteria.

So, it is necessary that both the keyboard and the mouse, as well as the surface of the desk itself, be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth or cloth and with a few drops of bleach.

In fact, we add that this same procedure must be done with the remote control, since this type of element spends a lot of time in our hands, and may contain hidden dirt.

These details are sometimes overlooked, however, with our cleaning aids you will not have this problem.

Two Elements That Are Often Overlooked

Home cleaning requires a lot of attention to detail, you may think you have a clean house, but if you look more carefully you will find that some elements were overlooked.

Our cleaning assistants have the experience and knowledge to generate a 100% clean experience.

This means that a Clean Easy assistant will not overlook these elements. We are referring to doorknobs, where bacteria also ‌accumulate because of daily and frequent contact with them.

They need to be disinfected daily. And another of those elements is the garbage can. In a previous article, we talked about this element and focused on the kitchen area. However, any garbage can in the home should be cleaned at least once a week.

Use water and detergent to clean the containers where you deposit the waste.

In the bathroom area, you must also go to the details

The bathroom area is one that requires a lot of attention, washing the bathroom goes beyond the visible elements and daily use.

You should also focus on others like the bathroom mat. These mats are always in contact with water because whenever you get out of the shower you place your wet feet on them. So, they become an ideal environment for the appearance of fungi.

To prevent fungus from growing and spreading, you need to wash your mats at least once a week. Put them in the washing machine with detergent and hot water, that way you can disinfect them correctly.

Also, pay attention to the toilet brush, it is an element that is always hidden, that goes unnoticed, but that you need to keep clean.

Whenever the bathroom is washed, they should rinse the toilet with water and bleach.

Kitchen towels and washing machine

We insist that the rags with which you clean the kitchen must be clean at all times, also those that you used to wash your hands whenever you are cooking.

You can put these rags in the washing machine at least every two days.

In this sense, it is also essential, and we must include it among the professional cleaning tips at home, to keep the washing machine clean.

The washing machine is the appliance you trust to clean your clothes, so you should clean it frequently. This is how you prevent bad odors from appearing, mold in the rubber joints, and stains on clothes.

With our cleaning assistants, the washing machine and all your electrical appliances will always be clean, as will every detail in your home, so you will have a house in a perfect state of cleanliness, and you will experience a clean experience.

Myths about cleaning

Now that you know some of the professional cleaning tips to apply at home, it is also time for you to discover the myths related to cleaning.

Here is a list of myths, and statements that are not true:

  • Vinegar and lemon disinfecting, this statement is a myth because although both have acids that are used in preparing cleaning products, such acids do not clean by themselves.
  • It is said that it is better to sweep than to vacuum, however, this is another myth, because sweeping risks moving dust and mites from one place to another, while vacuuming removes them immediately
  • Another myth is that clothes can only be washed with detergent, and although nowadays they are usually very effective in removing stains from clothes‌ it does not disinfect deeply, which is why it must be combined with other products.

These are some myths that you need to consider and thus avoid mistakes in cleaning, grooming, and organizing your home.

We invite you to keep an eye on our publications because at SCS Group Integrated Services we want to help you with cleaning issues, and you have access to our services and clean experience.

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