The 10 commandments of getting product reviews


the 10 commandments of getting product reviews

As an online seller, product reviews are essential to build trust with potential customers and convert them into sales. If you’re selling a product, whether a physical good or a digital service, one of the best ways to boost your sales is to get reviews from satisfied customers. Potential customers are much more likely to purchase a product that others have recommended, so it’s essential to ensure that your product gets plenty of positive reviews. But how do you go about getting those all-important reviews? And what should you do to make sure those reviews are positive? This blog post will discuss the ten commandments of getting product reviews! Follow these tips, and your choice will be on your way to generating more online buzz for your business!

Incentivize Reviewers

Getting product reviews can sometimes feel like herding cats. You know you need them; everyone says they’re important, but getting people to take the time to write them can be its unique challenge. For example, area rugs are products to get reviews. Not only do they furnish potential customers with valuable information about the quality of a rug, but they can also give insights into things like durability, comfort, and style. Because of this, Area Rugs retailers that find creative ways to incentivize reviews often see a significant uptick in the number of reviews they receive.

Ask for Reviews at the Right Time

The best time to ask for a review is when your customer is happy with their purchase. They are more likely to be willing to leave a positive review if they are satisfied with their product. You can include a card or insert it in the packaging, asking them to depart an inspection on your website or social media page. You can also email a few days after the product has been delivered, asking for feedback. If you defer too long to ask for a review, your customer may have forgotten about their purchase or may not be as satisfied with the product. If they have a problem with the product, they are more likely to leave a negative review. It is influential in striking while the iron is hot and asking for a review soon after receiving the product.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Nobody wants to write a novel when leaving a review, so make it easy for them by keeping your request short and sweet. Ask them to leave a review and thank them for their purchase. Include a specific place where you would like the review, such as your website or social media page, in your request. Asking for a review can feel awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. Following these simple tips can make the process quick and easy for you and your customer.

Personalize your Request

When you’re trying to get product reviews, it’s important to personalize your request. A generic message is more likely to be ignored than one tailored to the recipient. In addition, be clear about what you want from the reviewer. Do you want an honest opinion? A specific type of feedback? The more straightforward you are, the more likely you will get the review you’re looking for. Finally, don’t forget to say thank you! A simple “thank you for your time” goes a long way towards building goodwill and fostering a positive relationship.

Easy to Leave a Positive Review

The more uncomplicated you make it for customers to leave a review, the more likely they will do it. Consider constructing a landing page on your website specifically designed for leaving reviews. This page should have clear instructions and links to wherever customers need to go to leave their feedback. You can also send follow-up emails asking customers to leave a review after purchasing. These emails should be concise and to the point, with a link that takes the customer directly to where they need to go.

Take Negative Reviews in Stride

You’ll inevitably receive a few negative reviews. The important thing is not to take them personally and to respond professionally. Thank the customer for their feedback and offer to help resolve their issue. This shows potential customers that you’re willing to listen to criticism and make changes based on customer feedback. Getting product reviews is essential to boosting sales and giving customers the information they need to purchase. By following these simple commandments, you’ll be on your way to generating more reviews in no time!

Monitor your Progress

Once you implement these tips, monitoring your progress is important. Please keep track of the number of reviews you’re getting and where they’re coming from. This will assist you in seeing what’s working and what isn’t so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. You can compare different products sold based on reviews as if you have cotton rugs, silk rugs, Hand Tufted Rugs, Machine Made Rugs, and Hand Loomed Rugs. You get a high view on cotton rugs, so that is your best-selling product. This kind of monitoring helps you to learn the best for the future.

Respond to all Reviews, Good and Bad

When you get a review, whether it’s positive or negative, make sure to respond. A superficial “thank you for your feedback!” goes a long way. For negative reviews, thank the customer for their feedback and offer to help resolve their issue. This shows potential customers that you’re willing to listen to feedback and make changes based on customer input.

Encourage to Leave Reviews on Multiple Platforms

Don’t just encourage customers to leave reviews on your website. Many people use different platforms when looking for product reviews, such as Amazon, Google, and Yelp. By encouraging customers to leave reviews on multiple platforms, you’ll reach a wider audience and potentially increase the number of reviews you get.

Comfortable for Consumers to Leave a Review

The first and most important step in getting product reviews is to make it easy for customers to leave a review. If they have to jump through hoops or fill out long forms, they will likely give up before they even start. So, ensure your review process is as streamlined and simple as possible. Include links to your review page on your website, social media profiles, and email signature. Make it easy for customers to find your review page, and they will be more likely to leave a review. For example, RugKnots is a website for selling rugs; to get reviews, you can add links relating to the website. And these links help customers to reach the website and be able to review it.


Getting product reviews doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these uncomplicated tips can encourage more customers to leave feedback that will help you boost sales and improve your business. Have you tried any of these methods? What worked well for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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