Tips for cleaning your kitchen


Today we want to give you some tips to clean your kitchen perfectly, just like our professional cleaning assistants do.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we are specialists in deep cleaning each room in your home. We have cleaning assistants who have years of experience providing these services and meeting the needs for order and cleanliness in homes.

We make sure that you live a clean experience, so you can enjoy your day-to-day, focus on your work or academic goals and attend to your social commitments.

In this article, you will learn the tips for cleaning your kitchen, which will also help you give clear and direct instructions to Your cleaning assistant. In fact, if you contract with SCS Group Integrated Services you can trust the performance of our professionals.

A general list of tips for cleaning your kitchen

While we want to give you some of the specific instructions our housekeepers follow, we’ve presented you with a list of general guidelines in this segment.

In fact, you can take this list and print it out, or write it down in a document to serve as a guide:

  • It is necessary to clean the surfaces of your kitchen often, especially the countertop, in the same way, you should clean the cutting boards daily.
  • Make sure that the appliances in the kitchen are always clean, including the floor around these appliances and behind them, especially in the fridge’s case, microwave, and others.
  • It is important that you, or if you have a cleaning assistant, have the habit of washing your hands both before and after touching fruits, vegetables or meat, in this way you prevent areas or surfaces of the kitchen.
  • As for the scourers and cloths, it is necessary to clean, rinse, and dry them frequently, always with a bleach solution, it also works to wash them in the washing machine at a high temperature.
  • We should always wash dishes and utensils 
  • For dishes and utensils you use, you can use the dishwasher at high temperatures.
  • Regarding products that have bleach, use them only on surfaces, and always follow the safety information offered by the product, you can verify this on the label of each product.

Taking this list of tips for cleaning your kitchen into account, you will keep it in good condition every day.

In the same way, we will give you more specific information on some of these tips, so you can coordinate each action to be carried out in your kitchen very well so that you live a 100% clean experience.

About rags, clothes, and scourers

If you want your kitchen to stay clean, it is important to make sure that these elements are clean, since they are the ones that will touch the surfaces of your kitchen and all the accessories, utensils, instruments, and more.

That is why we advise you to always have clean cleaning instruments in your kitchen.

Always rinse the scourers and cloths after using them, and let them dry well. As soon as possible, put them in the washing machine, and that way you will always have them in perfect condition to continue cleaning the kitchen.

Wash them with detergent and bleach, that way you can prevent bacteria from concentrating on them.

Take care of the countertop and chopping boards

First, although it is not a tip directly for kitchen cleaning, we recommend that you have at least three chopping boards in your kitchen. One for chopping meat, another for fish, and a chopping board for vegetables.

That said, for the cleaning of your kitchen, both the surface of the tables and the countertop must always be clean.

This is because the two surfaces are used to cut or handle food, prepare recipes, and carry out the cooking process.

Disinfect these surfaces both before and after using them. You can pass a damp cloth with drops of disinfectant without bleach. 

This type of procedure will help you clean surfaces and remove allergens.

So you and your family will be protected. Our cleaning assistants are aware of the importance of this step, which is why they do it every cleaning day in the kitchen.

What to do with the stoves?

So that the burners remain shiny, it is best that after using the kitchen, take a container with water and a disinfectant without bleach, and submerge them there.

In this way, any type of element that has stuck to them during the cooking time can be removed.

After leaving them to soak, take a sponge and rub them gently, you see that all the dirt disappears and they will be as good as new.

We can clean the surface that surrounds the stove with a grease remover product, let the product act for a few seconds, and then remove it with a damp cloth, it is as if your kitchen had never been used.

There are products that can become your allies when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean, we also want to recommend them so that you can promote cleanliness, order, and good care in your kitchen.

For example, you should always have disinfectant, and bleach and in the kitchen, you can place a stove protector set so that it blocks the surface of the kitchen and the dirt, so you only have to remove and clean them and the real surface will not be seen affected.

With these tips to clean your kitchen, you can have a sparkling kitchen at all times. You just have to put them into practice, some daily and others with a relative frequency.

Also, remember that we can wash the garbage at least every two weeks, it can be done with water and drops of bleach, so you will avoid bad odors from the garbage can.

We know you are a busy woman, with work or academic obligations, with entrepreneurial goals and objectives. That is why we make our cleaning assistants available to you in different services.

Explore our service page today and find out everything we can offer you.

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