Well-groomed hands: how much do gel nails cost?


acrylic nails how much do gel nails cost? Gel nail costs

Gel nail costs

how much do gel nails cost? Gel nail costs
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Beautiful hands are equivalent to a business card. Therefore, regular manicures and artificial gel nails are almost a must for many women. The cost check expert knows what nail modeling costs and whether it is harmful in the long term. You will also find numerous valuable tips on this topic in this interview.

How much do I have to spend on gel nails in the nail salon?

Cost check: If your own fingernails keep breaking off and look unkempt as a result, gel nails are a good alternative. We have summarized how much you have to pay for this beauty treatment in the following table:

remodeling45-60 EUR
Filling in the nails30 to 40 euros
Gel coating of the natural nails30 to 50 euros  
Nail art like rhinestones50 cents to 1 EUR per nail  
pretty brush paintings1.50 to 3 EUR per nail  

How much do any necessary repairs cost?

Cost check: In almost all studios, any repairs that occur are taken over free of charge in the first week after the appointment. If a gel nail comes off and has to be reworked later, the price for a professional repair is usually between 3 and 5 EUR.

Many nail salons offer a refresh after two or three weeks, depending on how fast your fingernails grow. The nails are shortened slightly, and the transition to the natural nail is filled and sealed again. The costs for this amount to 15 to 20 EUR.

How are gel nails made?

Cost check: The material from which these nails are formed is an acrylate that hardens under the influence of light. Various systems are currently on the market. Some only apply one gel, while others require two or three different gels. The individual layers must harden under a UV lamp after application.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gel nails?

Since gel nails are easy to model, you can, with a little skill, do them yourself at home or have a friend do them for you.Gel nails often appear unnaturally thick.
The prices in the nail salon are cheaper.When growing out, an unsightly step can be seen between your own nail and the gel nail.
The material does not smell as unpleasant as that of acrylic nails.       Gel nails are not as durable as acrylic nails.  
 Removal is time-consuming and must be done very carefully so as not to damage your own fingernails.  

I’m biting my nails. Do gel nails help me to have well-groomed hands?

Cost check: Yes, the nail designer also offers tailor-made solutions for you. These complete packages last for several weeks and cost between 75 and 130 EUR, depending on the chosen nail studio.

Initially, the nails are extended to the fingertips due to natural conditions. The gel nails are worked round because this shape does not tempt you to nibble. If your own nails have regenerated after a few weeks, you can switch to the usual filling rhythm and you can also have the long nails you have dreamed of making.

Is nail modeling harmful?

Cost check: Even if you sometimes hear it like that, gel nails are not harmful. The cosmetics regulations established in Germany ensure that no harmful or toxic substances are used for the gel nails. A well-trained nail designer works hygienically and will not injure the natural nail during modeling.

The fear of getting nail fungus is also unfounded in a good studio. Therefore, take a good look around on your first visit:

  • Does the nail fairy use a separate file for each customer?
  • Are your hands disinfected beforehand?
  • Is the studio clean? Do you look closely at the tables, lamps, and all the work materials?
  • Does the nail designer wear disposable gloves?

Can you stop doing nail modeling for a while?

Cost check: Since the natural nails lack the supply of air and moisture due to the top layer, they become somewhat softer over time. However, this is no reason why you cannot pause with the nail modeling in between.

If you want to wear your natural nails for a while, you can have your nail fairy file the gel nails. The hardening substances in the natural nail are quickly reactivated by the oxygen in the air. As an option, your nail designer can provide you with care products that help your own nails to achieve their natural beauty.

Can I do the gel nails myself?

Cost check: With a little skill, you can make your own gel nails at home. You can get starter sets from as little as EUR 50. The material contained in these is sufficient for about 30 to 50 nails, depending on the desired final length.

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