What can an engagement ring cost?


What can an engagement ring cost?

Engagement ring cost

Next to the later wedding ring, the engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry for couples in love. It is the culmination of the romantic marriage proposal and at the same time in many cases the first occasion on which men give their girlfriend an exclusive piece of jewelry. In addition to the question of individual taste, the budget also plays a role when buying a ring. In an interview with the cost check expert, we clarify what the engagement ring should cost and answered any other questions about this very special ring.

How long have engagement rings been around?

Cost check: putting on an engagement ring has a long tradition. Already in ancient Greece, rings were exchanged as a sign of the upcoming wedding ceremony. In Germany, brides have been given a ring since the Middle Ages. It once served as proof of the dowry received. Today it is a romantic symbol and, worn on the left hand, the side of the heart, represents a visible sign of endless love and deep connection.

What budget should I plan for?

Cost check: The engagement ring is one of those pieces of jewelry that is often inherited and for this reason alone should have a certain intrinsic value. How much this ring may cost is based on the man’s income:

  • In Europe, the rule of thumb is the monthly net salary.
  • In America and other countries, it is customary to give away a ring worth about three net salaries.

But you don’t have to stoically stick to these unwritten rules, after all, nobody should be bankrupted by buying an engagement ring. It is much more important than it was chosen by you with love and reflects the personal style of the bride-to-be. Therefore, choose a ring that will make your girlfriend happy and don’t be guided by societal expectations.

Who wears an engagement ring: only the woman or both partners?

What can an engagement ring cost?

Cost check: Up until a few years ago, it was customary in our country for both the bride-to-be and the groom to wear an engagement ring on the left ring finger. In this variant, the lovers usually choose the ring together. In this case, the future spouses decide together what the engagement rings may cost.

The American custom, in which the man chooses the engagement ring for his girlfriend, is also becoming increasingly established in Germany. The proposal ring can then be worn after the wedding as a slip-on ring in front of the wedding ring or on the left hand. It is a nice reminder of the whole special time of preparation for the common path of life.

How do I find the right ring?

Cost check: Take plenty of time to make your selection and let the jeweler advise you in detail. Perhaps your loved one has already given you more or less hidden hints as to which engagement ring she would like. If you are very unsure, tell your future wife’s best friend or get advice from your mother or sister.

What types of rings are there and which ones are suitable?

Cost check: The engagement ring should be made of high-quality materials such as gold or platinum and reflect the bride’s individual style:

SolitaireThe style of this ring is classic and timeless. It is guaranteed that it will not go out of fashion for many years to come and it will not lose any of its fascinations, especially when a diamond sparkles in the light. More subtle models with a slightly smaller stone are also extremely popular as proposal rings and are definitely appropriate for this special occasion.
SpanningWith the tension ring, the stone is held between the rails so that it appears to be floating. It looks modern and innovative.
Princess RingIf the bride is romantic in nature, she will love this variant. In this ring, many small, glittering stones flank a large solitaire. The ring band is often additionally decorated with playful elements.
MemoireringWith a memoir, you give a ring that, like your love, continually increases in value. Initially equipped with just a few sparkling diamonds, it can be expanded to include additional stones on special occasions. Depending on the width and style, it can also be combined very well with the later wedding ring.

Does it always have to be diamonds?

Cost check: The stone should also match the wearer. It is much more important than tradition that the engagement ring has something unique and underlines the individuality of the wearer. Fashionable ladies may find a modern ring design with a colorful stone far more intriguing than a more cool diamond ring. Trust your instincts about this, you know your girlfriend best.

How is the value of a diamond measured?

What can an engagement ring cost?

The diamond size has a significant impact on the price of the engagement ring

Cost check: How expensive the decorative stone depends on four factors:

  • The Cut
  • the color
  • Clarity
  • Weight (carats).

The most common cut is the diamond cut. However, the proposal ring may well be pear-shaped, princess-cut, or baguette-cut.

Should I have the ring engraved?

Cost check: You are free to decide whether you want the ring to be engraved or not. However, you should keep in mind that it can be risky to have the engagement date engraved without prior consultation. If something unforeseen happens and you have to submit the application on another day, this is no longer correct. It can therefore make sense to have the personal engraving done afterward.

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