Yoga is great for People of Any Age, but it’s Ideal for Senior Citizens


Yoga is great for People of Any Age, but it’s Ideal for Senior Citizens
Yoga is great for People of Any Age, but it’s Ideal for Senior Citizens
Yoga is great for People of Any Age, but it’s Ideal for Senior Citizens

Yoga is easier than you think. Many people are intimidated by yoga because they think it’s hard and that only advanced fitness fanatics really know how to do it right. The fact is, yoga is for everyone! Any person, at any age or expertise level, can reap all the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer. Did you know that yoga for beginners is one of the most popular kinds of classes both in yoga studios and online? 

You can start yoga at just about any age. There is no such thing as being too old when it comes to practicing yoga. Older people are the fastest-growing segment of the population to take up yoga. That is why yoga for seniors classes are popping up everywhere. Age is just a number; you can start yoga whenever it is right for you.

While yoga is a great exercise for just about anyone, senior citizens can get extra benefits out of taking it up. Here are a few reasons why yoga is the perfect activity for older people:

  1. Low impact. The number one reason older people take up yoga is that it doesn’t put undue strain on their bodies. It’s only the highest levels of yoga that are intensely physical; most yoga practices are actually low impact on joints and muscles by design. This is important for senior citizens as yoga can help with some of the aches and pains that are associated with age. Studies have shown that even in small doses, yoga can help immensely with people suffering from arthritis.
  1. Yoga is social. One of the greatest benefits of starting yoga is the community that surrounds it. Even if you are taking online classes from home, you are interacting with people who share a healthy interest. For seniors, isolation and loneliness are still massive issues in their everyday lives. By enrolling in yoga for seniors class, you are likely to get some new friends in your life who you already share something in common with.
  1. Yoga increases flexibility and mobility. Getting out and moving is only an aspect of why yoga is so good for seniors. Yoga at any level helps with flexibility, mobility, and agility. Not only is that good news for older people’s joints and bones, but it can also help them be more aware of their bodies in their surroundings. This awareness can help prevent slips and falls, which are unfortunately still a huge contributor to devastating injuries and even death.
  1. Reduces stress and can lead to better sleep. Yoga has been linked to reducing stress in everyone who partakes. Even yoga for beginners can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. This is key for anyone with high blood pressure or heart issues, but it’s especially important for older folks. Less stress also leads to better sleep. Older people often cite that they don’t sleep as well as they used to. Rest is crucial for recovery and has been linked to increased longevity.

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